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Royal Saudi President


I love these GREAT Saudis. Their oil gives my sagging flesh goosebumps!

FAKE President


If you EVER serve me less ice cream than my guests I willhave you immediately shipped to the Gulag

REAL President


You didn't give me my extra scoop of ice cream. You're fired LOSER!

Zombie Clown


GREAT day in MY history when I cut 24 million people off health care. TRUMPCARE!

Follower of Fashion


Melania no longer wears fur. Talk about a GREAT First Lady. I'd tell her that if I ever saw her around WHITE House

Friend of Killers


Can't wait for my sleepover with GREAT killer Duterte from the Philippines!

Taco Bowl Lover


If the illegals won't help pay for the wall maybe they can spring for a few taco bowls for Border Patrol?

President Action


My penis just grew two inches this week thanks to M.O.A.B.

El Commadante


Calling my wife Barbie is means for impeachment from the Hollywood Fringe.



Best fake site I've seen all month! GREAT!

Great Donnie


I bet this show won't as be as bad a failure as TrumpCare! NOT GREAT!



Making The Hollywood Fringe Festival Great!

FNN (Fake News Network) – BREAKING NEWS!!!!!! Syria, Iran, North Korea, South Korea, and Sweden nuked! On a positive note, America is faring slightly better! Slightly! Dr. Ben Arson has unleashed a powerful virus on the country, in the name of a “cure-all” vaccination, and now millions of people, including our Clown President, have turned into zombies. Trumpcare 45. GREAT!

Will our Zombie Clown-In-Chief beat the, literally, two-dimensional Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and be reelected in 2020 and bring the hammer down on the world for good? Or will a few heroes rise from the ashes and help deport Zombie Clown Trump to Twitterland forever?

Featuring parody music set to artists like The Beatles, Michael Jackson, and Cee Lo Green, and four actors playing multiple roles, including White Press Puppet Sean Sphincter, ZCT promises to treat one of the most dire moments in world history (FACT!) with guile, ingenuity and flat-out fun.

“If you’re a fan of SNL, South Park and the camp of Mel Brooks, we’d love to see you at the protest,” says the creator, who has written for over 40 publications including The L.A. Times, Playboy and ESPN Magazine.



ZOMBIE CLOWN TRUMP: ZCT got his start in acting at tremendous young age of 10 when he demanded  he get to play the yuge role of Jesus in his  college prep school’s production of Jesus Christ Superstar. After his winning father gave the school a large donation, ZCT was deemed a great talent and awarded the role. Despite having a very BAD singing voice, the role gave ZCT much confidence that, like Jesus before him, he could accomplish many bigly tasks in life, like walking on water, turning that water into wine, and curing the world of all terrorism and disease. ZCT would like to dedicate his performance to his close and admiring friend, master thespian Scott Baio. “Every day is a happy day with Scott in it!”

BARBANIA TRUMP: “Barbs” is thrilled to be a member of the cast of ZCT after her much lauded performance as a positive role model (for future trophy wives), and figurine doll, for the past 58 years. Barbs wants everyone to remember: “no bullying!”,  moisturize after tonight’s performance and continue to support the arts and making America “grate” again!

SRILANKA TRUMP: Sri started acting at the age of 6 when she realized the only way to avoid her father’s “baths” was to feign sickness. She went on to become a successful Bride of Frankenkushner and advocate of Climate Change  —  even though she is, technically, no longer allowed to use the term, and despite her father’s belief that “Climate Change” is a hoax created by the LOSER Chinese.

D-PLANE JOHNSON: The Rock is ecstatic to be making his world class theatre debut in this Hollywood Fringe Festival Premiere! He’d like to credit his longtime acting coach, and Little Person idol, Herve Villechaize, and encourage everyone not to see his sure-to-be, Academy Award nominated role in this summer’s blockbuster movie Baywatch.

SEAN SPHINCTER:  In the late ’80s, the Student Body at Connecticut College voted Sean the Most Likely to Be Teabagged by the Entire Football Team. Luckily, for Sean, Connecticut College didn’t have a football team at the time. He went on to get a degree in Aiding & Abetting while minoring in How to Be a Prick While Communicating in Doublespeak. As for acting, Sean tries his hand at it every day to much derision and disbelief at how truly awful a performer he is — even though his ratings beat General Hospital on a daily basis, PERIOD!

MUHAMMED: Mo came to the world of acting from the Middle East where he was a tour guide at Universal Studios Dubai. Now, after being heavily vetted, and allowed into the country to study, Muhammed attends online law school at the Johnnie Cochran School of Law, while clerking at the 7-11 on Shriveled Up Hotdog Blvd. He would like to dedicate his performance to all the Americans who don’t yell at him to “get the f*ck out of our country!”

BECKY: The Beckster has been taking drama classes since some time last week, and is a former New Jersey Beauty Pageant contestant who placed fifteenth in the Jersey State Southwest Regionals back in 2000 and something. Talents that brought her to the attention of judges included reciting Tupac on a pogo stick, and giving free waxes to the other contestants.  Becky would like to dedicate this performance to her cat, who she swears is a Democrat.

TAQUAN: Unfortunately, TQ had to leave the production for fear that it would influence him to actually vote in 2018.

CONCHITA: ‘chita has also left the production after praying hard to Jesus on this one. Jesus texted back that He didn’t care for the script and she should sit this one out.

Running time of Zombie Trump is 60 minutes. Please bathe, moisturize and use the bathroom before entering the theatre.


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Sean Sphincter Press Conference

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